Blueberries and Belly Buttons

Thanksgiving is upon us, turning my thoughts toward those things I am most grateful for. Today, I’m grateful to share a story from my motherhood journey with the Kindred Mom community. Here’s a sneak peek.

It was a glorious, baby-in-a-diaper, summer Sunday lunch eaten well past the noon hour. The luxury of this slow and sleepy afternoon stood in sharp contrast to the chaotic Sunday morning my husband and I had spent corralling our little people to church and back.  A lazy Sunday afternoon always feels deserved after gathering for corporate worship with our gaggle of children in tow.  Worn out from her morning of crawling around the back of the gathering, the baby slept right through our family lunch.  When the big kids eventually scattered outside to enjoy the sunshine with their Daddy, I sat down at the wooden slab table, crafted by my husband’s own hands, to feed the baby her late lunch…

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